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Macau Social Association

About Us

Macau Social Association is a non-profit organization with the mission for charity, business networking, business cooperation and cultural exchange. Our fun and relaxed atmosphere is the best way for various professionals who come from different nationalities or business areas to share and achieve mutual business communication.

Macau Social Association aim to provide a unique business platform where you can have more enriching and memorable experience in our monthly gatherings, we believe that:
“ More Friends More Business ”
Our Logo
In order to make Macau Social Association more prominent, we put a lot of thoughts and effort into our logo design. The logo consists of four elements: M for “Macau”, “People”, the “Heart”, and “Connection” among the people. This is the meaning of Macau Social Association, we hope to provide a platform allowing our members to connect each other with its heart and able to become friends and business partners.
Association Structure

General Assembly
President: William Kuan
Board of Directors
Chairman: Armando Amante
Vice-Chairman: Jack Lio
Secretary General: Cherry Chan
Treasurer: Hermano Amante
Director: Joao Ricardo Lao
Director: Kalas Lei
Director: Stephen Khan
Director: Estrela Cheang
Director: Canteao Lei
Supervisory Committee
Chief Supervisor: Carmen Pereira
Vice Chief Supervisor: Terence Chan
Supervisor: Gordon Lee

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